“Christine Park is a brilliant and talented expert Master Intuitive Coach. She is one of the best in my Institute – intelligent, compassionate, kind and results oriented. I highly recommend her coaching services. Expect nothing less that total transformation.” Colette Baron-Reid, Internationally renowned intuitive counselor, educator and best selling author.

“As a gifted intuitive coach, Christine is able to efficiently guide her clients into their own personal space of knowing anything is possible!” – Jeanne Schraf, Certified Master Intuitive Coach

“I have had the privilege of watching Christine work with many different coaching clients – she is fast, efficient and solution orientated. She is a master of releasing long existing patterns and producing amazing shifts. I highly recommend her.” – Dorote Lucci

“Christine is a very gifted, sensitive coach that gets to the heart of it. She works with you through all areas and aspects of coaching based on your specific situation. In my case, I was working through an issue with an aspect of myself that I had hidden for many years. Coach Christine was able to help me connect to that part of myself which brought peace and realization, an epiphany, helping me to become the compete person that we all want to be.” – JoAnn Becht

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Christine. When working with her, you instantly know her only intention is to get to the heart of the matter. What I love the most about Christine is how present she is during each session. She will guide you on your own personal journey so that you can experience the potential and the freedom of who you truly are.” – Denise Simone

“Christine is an excellent coach! Compassionate, caring and wise. She is highly tuned in, has a beautiful plethora of life experience and excellent coaching tools to assist you on your journey. In working with Christine, she has helped me to shed old tired thoughts and beliefs, stretch and grow, expand my awareness, shift habits and truly begin to embrace my authentic soulful self! Very empowering! She is a wonderful Master Intuitive Coach!” – Patricia Neumann

“Christine is a very gifted coach who has helped me enormously in facing my deep seated shadows and healing them! Thank you, Christine!’” – Lutgart Brouwers

“Before I began working with Christine Park, I was a very different person. I was overweight, depressed, and hopeless. I started the program determined, but a bit skeptical. I had tried other things before, and they never really “took.” I would feel better or lose weight, but the results never stuck around. I would eventually get frustrated with myself for my lack of perfection and just give up on things completely. I can honestly say that did not happen this time. She gave me the tools I needed to overcome my “down” days and the “cheerleading” I needed throughout the process. I learned that just going through the motions would never solve my problems. She showed me the way to examine my issues, whatever they may be, in a clear, non-emotional way in order to find real, lasting solutions. After our work together, I am now looking and feeling great. Sure, sometimes I still get overwhelmed (who doesn’t), but I can now take a step back, take a breath, and make a change before I get to depression or hopelessness. More than weight-loss or better relationships, that is the outcome from Christine’s coaching that I truly needed in all aspects of my life. I’m just happy she was able to see that and guide me to my better self.”
– Rayne Cole