Entrepreneurial Business Facilitation Services

As the Entrepreneurial Business Facilitator®, Christine understands the importance of setting the right stage and culture for your start up or established organization. This is often done through executive management/leadership coaching to enhance your capacity for creating effective business processes and systems. Christine also focuses on working with the leadership team to understand why things should be done (not just how to do them) – resulting in the creation of effective systems and a sustainable business culture. Christine offers clients the tools necessary to motivate staff to continue working toward a common goal. She will guide you through building a culture based on quality and creating best practices that will take your company well into the future.

Christine will help you achieve your goals by finding the space where your education, dreams and daily life intersect.

The process includes:

  • Capture your vision: The process of mind mapping allows you to capture the thoughts and dreams running around in your head and organize them to gain clarity.

  • Evaluate your vision/plan with your intuition: We all have gut feelings about what is right or wrong. Learning to trust your internal compass is an important step in achieving your goals.

  • Establish your key operating principles: Christine will guide you to identify the top 3-4 core beliefs that get to the heart of how you see yourself and how you want others to see you.

  • Competitive analysis: A key part of building your business is defining your key points of differentiation and seeing where you fit in the space in which you do business. We will explore topic such as: What are others in your space doing? What are they charging?

  • SWOT: We will define your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from a realistic perspective.

  • Features & Benefits: Creating a clear list of features and benefits for your product/program will help further differentiate you versus the competition. Remember, the most important differentiator is you and the unique things that only you can bring to your business.

  • Break even analysis: We’ll look at what you are charging for your products and services against your expenses to determine pricing that will allow you to be profitable while meeting your business needs.

  • Developing an overall business plan: This will capture tasks, prioritize your to-do list and keep track of your progress.

Whether you want to enhance your current work situation or transition into a new career, this innovative coaching program will guide you through the journey to success.

If you’d like to dig a bit deeper, Christine also offers Intuitive Life Strategy Consulting, which includes a detailed analysis of your astrological birth chart, focusing on the science of Intuitive Astrology and the relationship it has with your life now and in the future.