About Me

For more than 30 years, Christine Park has held key positions driving culture change and growth in companies of all sizes. Her expertise and ability to create lasting change for corporations of all sizes has been recognized throughout her career and her contributions have had a significant impact on the development of sustainable compliance and quality systems, while reducing or managing costs.

While much of her experience has been within regulated industry (medical devices, pharmaceutical, or biologics) she continues to work with companies and organizations of all disciplines and sizes. When you work with Christine Park & Associates, you will receive an accurate assessment of your organization’s current status with a practical, solutions-based plan for the path forward. This ensures your company gets in and stays in compliance with appropriate regulations with sustainable solutions. Working together, we address today’s opportunities and concerns while building a solid roadmap for the future.

Christine Park & Associates services focus on three key areas:

Building sustainable quality systems

As the Quality Architech®, Christine’s expertise provides direction and guidance touching all aspects of your organization — from sales, marketing and customer service to distribution, logistics and quality and regulatory challenges. Through her vast expertise in working with clients in a variety of regulatory environments, Christine has found the key to success is to focus on integrating processes to ensure an effective, resilient and sustainable Quality System. Christine employs a process-based approach to auditing, educating staff and creating flexible systems that can rapidly adapt to changing regulations and other external factors. To learn more about Quality Architech Consulting Service, click here.

Affecting lasting cultural change

As the Entrepreneurial Business Facilitator®, Christine understands the importance of setting the right stage and culture for your start up or established organization. This is often done through executive management/leadership coaching to enhance your capacity for creating effective business processes and systems. Christine also works with the leadership team to understand why things should be done (not just how to do them) – resulting in the creation of effective systems and a sustainable business culture. Christine offers clients the tools necessary to motivate staff to continue working toward a common goal. She will guide you through building a culture based on quality and creating best practices that will take your company well into the future. To learn more about our Entrepreneurial Business Facilitation services, click here.

Transforming through Personal Development Coaching

As the Strategic Life Architech®, Christine works with clients from all walks of life who are at a crossroads and need guidance in working through the emotions associated with transition and change. From corporate CEOs to stay at home moms and small business owners, she will help create a bridge from where to you are today to where you’d like to be tomorrow. To learn more about Personal Development Coaching, click here.